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Google is testing a desktop version of Discover

Google is testing a desktop version of Discover

Google is experimenting with including Discover for the desktop version of the search engine. Novelty as advertised MSPowerUser For the first time, it looks similar to the mobile version.

What is discovery?

  • Discover has been available in the Google mobile app since 2018 and can be viewed under the Search tab on the home page or accessed by tapping the colored “G” icon;
  • This feature uses Google search information to suggest news and articles that may be of interest to the user;
  • Unlike the Bing home page, Google does not allow user customization or deactivation, and as the image below indicates, the same thing happens in the desktop version of Discover;
  • As you can see in the screenshot below, Discover provides the computer with other information, such as the time and results of sports matches, company actions, dollar exchange rates, weather, and more;
  • It is important to note that this information varies from user to user and depends on each user’s search history.

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Image: Reproduction/MSPowerUser

to the edgeGoogle spokeswoman Lara Levin confirmed that the new desktop version of Discover is in the testing phase in India. It has not yet been announced when the new feature will reach more countries.

Despite the lack of Discover access, users who want to see personalized news and articles can access Google News, which delivers articles based on the most frequently entered websites and searches.

This isn’t the first time Google has added Discover features to its desktop homepage, as Android Central reminds us. In 2022, the company added six tabs to the feed (Weather, Trends, What to Watch, Stocks, Local Events, and Covid News). At that time, it was possible to disable these tools.

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