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Google makes it easy to manage each website's permissions in Chrome for Android

Google makes it easy to manage each website’s permissions in Chrome for Android

The US company Google is updating its Chrome browser for Android with more controls for the permissions granted to the websites we visit on the Internet. Similarly, for users of the desktop version (for PCs), there are also new actions and privacy controls coming to the world’s most popular browser.

According to the same technology, Chrome for Android will receive a more intuitive interface in which it will be easy to take quick actions in this regard. Thus, we will be able to quickly change the permissions that each web page can access while we are using the Google browser.

There are new control options in Google Chrome for Android

An example of how the new privacy controls work. attributed to him: The Google

The ad was created by Google, Through your official blog, which also leaves us with some examples of this function. See above, animation (GIF) with a representation of the operation of these control options. The news arrives with the next update of the browser for Android, which is distributed through the Google Play Store.

We are looking for new security controls for internet browsing, with an improved interface for quick control. Meaning that we can enable or disable access to data such as location or elements such as audio reproduction, among other things.

To make use of these options, the user just has to click on the lock icon in the address bar. There you will see the security options available to you. Then you can act according to your needs and check for more security information.

Google also claims that it will soon provide a new functionality for its Android app that will allow it to “delete a website”. The exact outline of this function is unknown, but it can work similarly to the trump card already available for iOS (iPhone).

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Big security boost for Google Chrome users

Google Chrome Web
Security check available in Google Chrome for PC.

We also have news for Google Chrome users on PC (desktop version). As the above animation shows, there are new measures focused on privacy. For example, the user will be able to quickly run a security check.

This process checks if updates are available for Chrome, as well as checking password integrity, among other things. In fact, it is advisable to conduct this type of survey on a monthly basis, or at least quarterly.

According to Google, these options will give users greater control over their security. More specifically, easy ways to check the status of your account and ensure that it is in the best security conditions.

Finally, the listed news is already distributed by Google. So, check the availability of updates, for both the Android app and browser for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, etc.

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