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Google Maps is being destroyed on the Play Store!  Find out why!

Google Maps is being destroyed on the Play Store! Find out why!

It's safe to say that Google Maps and Waze are currently the most popular navigation apps in the world. Google Maps is preloaded on Android, the world's leading operating system. But it's also the main alternative to Apple Maps, the iPhone's native mapping service. Waze can be downloaded from app stores on both platforms. Google Maps and Waze have the same owner but have adopted different trends that allow them to target different audiences. For one of them, things are not going well. Google Maps has been destroyed in the Play Store.

Google Maps is being destroyed on the Play Store! Find out why!

Although it still features navigation capabilities, Google Maps places more emphasis on its world exploration component. Also in features that allow users to obtain information about companies, send reviews and contribute to the creation of a complete mapping service. Waze is all about navigating traffic. This is because their sole goal is to get you from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

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A man holds an iPhone Waze has gained popularity due to its good navigation.

Google Maps or Waze continues to receive major updates, with new features added regularly. Google Maps recently received new capabilities in Android Automotive, including support for showing nearby compatible charging stations when the battery runs out and a new color palette that made the app more confusing, especially at night.

Judging by the reviews posted on the Google Play Store, users are increasingly disappointed

Google Maps has 17.8 million reviews and a 4.1-star rating, while Waze has 8.7 million reviews and a 4.5-star rating. Waze has a better rating than Google Maps, even though the latter comes bundled with all Android phones (hence the higher number of reviews).

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However, reviews posted on the Play Store show that not everyone likes the direction Google has taken for Google Maps. Some people are still complaining about the color theme introduced in fall 2023, but most messages point to bugs that Google can't somehow fix.

A user reveals that Google Maps has become less reliable after recent updates. This increases your travel time, leading to unnecessary fees and mid-trip collisions. Others say that the keyboard doesn't load when they try to search for an address, that the app doesn't respond to touch, and that it sometimes suggests meaningless diversions.