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Google Maps is easier to use!  How did Google do it?

Google Maps is easier to use! How did Google do it?

At the same time as it is trying to fill Google Maps with new features, the search giant also wants to make it more user-friendly. This is an ongoing process and has now taken another step forward. Google Maps is once again easier to use, and how to do it is very simple. Find out how.

A simple ribbon interface for Google Maps

Google Maps is easier to use!

In recent months, Google has sought to make the interface of its applications dedicated to the mapping service simpler. So Google Maps has been redesigned and added some major changes, making it simpler and easier to use.

One of these new changes was demonstrated at I/O this year, in a session dedicated to Material You. In this demo, the new Google Maps interface was revealed, especially in the bottom area, in the existing navigation bar and can be accessed there. . From what's been shown, this should be simpler with fewer tabs available.

The search giant's idea to make this interface simpler is to remove some separators. These range from 5 found in the bottom bar to 3, with some combined together and concentrating all the information in one place.

A simple ribbon interface for Google Maps
A simple ribbon interface for Google Maps

Change the interface and loosen the bottom bar

The good news is that this new feature won't take long to reach Google Maps users. There are already reports that this new feature has already become available to a group of users and should be expanded to include more. Thus, Google ensures that everyone gets the news within a few days of submitting it.

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It is not known how this new interface can be activated, as many have reported that it is present in the latest version of Google Maps, version 11.127.x. It may also need to be enabled by the service, so that availability is controlled and incremental.

This is an interesting change that makes using Google Maps easier with a more interesting interface. This lower area was once very crowded and is now more organized and, ultimately, more flexible.