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Google Maps will no longer have Car Mode in the Android app

Google Maps will no longer have Car Mode in the Android app

Anyone who uses Google Maps as a car for Android won't enjoy this feature for long. The company confirmed that this function will not be present in Android applications as of February.

For those in a hurry:

  • Google Maps already warns you with a message that Car Mode will be deactivated in February
  • This mode allows you to reply to messages or select music on your cell phone with just a few taps, without having to remove the GPS from the screen.
  • The function exists only for Android, and it is expected that it will now be possible to do what the car mode allows using Google Assistant's voice command.

When you open the Google Maps app, a warning appears saying “This offer will be discontinued in February.” In other words, the days of putting the car in are already numbered.

There is still no confirmation of the exact date when this function will be deactivated. This could happen on Thursday, the first day of February, or throughout the month. Other Google Maps modes should continue to work normally.

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Understand more about car positioning in Google Maps

Car mode works as a widget within Google Maps that left the app configured for use while a person is driving. Among its features, it was possible to access Google messages or music applications without losing the GPS screen.

Only Android devices have this function, as they use Google Assistant, which is not present in iOS mobile phones. The idea was to simplify the user experience and allow users to access multiple cell phone functions with just a few clicks.

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Google Assistant should continue to provide the tools necessary to assist the driver. With car mode out of the way, everything will likely be done by voice command, providing added safety for those who need to focus on traffic.

In fact, selecting a song via voice command while using your car's GPS seems to be a safer procedure than taking one hand off the wheel to use your cell phone.