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Google Meet illuminates streaming users in low light

Who has not participated in an online meeting where one of the participants can hardly see himself due to the lack of lighting in the surrounding space? With this issue in mind, Google Meet has launched a new feature that lights up the user when the light is low, making it easier for everyone to see.

If the user’s connection is poor, and the webcam cannot clearly transmit the image, Google Meet is also committed to helping in this regard.

Although the feature has been available since 2020 in the mobile version, most of the Meet users are calling from their PC and thus, it is expected that it will be a more noticeable feature. The feature uses artificial intelligence to check light levels and adjust brightness. The user cannot make manual brightness adjustments, although they can pass this option on.

However, Google warns that enabling the new feature could make the device slower, and that there will be devices that have been able to penalize less than others will, as expected, depend on the speed of the device.

The feature will be available to both basic and business users of Workspace and G Suite. Google, in the first phase, is considering releasing some devices and the rest will happen on October 4. The launch will take up to 15 days in both phases, which means that by mid-October, all users will be able to get it on their PC.

Remember that last April, Google gave all Gmail users access to many advanced features of Google Meet, such as access to unlimited conferences, create meetings with up to 250 participants, record calls directly to Google Drive, and have up to 100,000 users in a domain. These resources must be available through September 30th.

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Source: Engadget