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Google Meet lets you transfer calls from desktop to mobile

Google Meet lets you transfer calls from desktop to mobile

A feature that has been desired by those who frequently use Google Meet for video conferencing is the ability to switch devices, for example, from desktop to cell phone, without losing connection to the call. Now, according to information from MashableThis will become possible.

Essentially, this allows users to seamlessly switch between their desktop and mobile devices without other users in the same Google Meet meeting noticing the device switch.

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Change isn't big news when it comes to software capable of making group voice and video calls. Zoom, one of Meet's strongest competitors in this space, has had this feature for a few years now.

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Switch between devices during a Google Meet call

  • To change devices, the user must clearly be in an active Google Meet call on their computer or cell phone;
  • Next, you need to open the specific Google Meet meeting page on the secondary device you want to switch to;
  • On this page, users will see the “Switch here” option. Selecting this option will transfer the Google Meet call to the second device, then end the call on the first device once the transfer is complete.

However, there is the option to stay with both devices on the same call. To perform this action, you must access the “Other sharing options” option and choose “Share here as well.”

The feature is supported on desktop computers as well as Android and iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The new tool will be very welcome in times when a business meeting is held in situations where it is necessary to change the environment and it may be convenient to continue the conference via cell phone, but without having to lose connection to the call.

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