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Google Messages will receive a big new feature.  did you see?

Google Messages will receive a big new feature. did you see?

Google Messages has received new features recently, making it more competitive with other popular messaging apps. The latest update includes animation, screen effects, noise cancellation for voice messages, and animated stickers. These features are currently available to beta users and will likely reach everyone soon. So let’s take a look at the big news coming to Google Messages.

Google Messages will receive a big new feature. did you see?

However, what’s even more exciting is the evidence found, thanks to the AssembleDebug website com.TheSpAndroid. Thus it was discovered that Google is working on a message editing function. This feature has been highly requested by users. However, it would be very helpful to correct typos or simply make changes to messages after they are sent.

Evidence that Google is working on adding a message editing feature is the presence of new signals in the beta version of the Google Messages application. They were added in beta versions released in the last week of November.

Additionally, by investigating the APK code for Google Messages, they found evidence that Google is creating a new table in the Messages database. This is to store details of edited messages. This table contains columns for the message ID, the most recent message ID, the original RCS message ID, and the timestamps when the message was edited or arrived.

Currently, message editing is not part of the RCS standard.

However, Google has previously added features to RCS that were not part of the standard. An example of this is end-to-end encryption. So it’s possible that Google will add message editing to the RCS standard in the future.

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Apple’s recent decision to add RCS support to iMessage next year could pave the way for more features, like message editing, to arrive. This will be very convenient and a huge win for users who have been waiting for these features for a long time. Right now, Apple doesn’t plan to support Google’s RCS type of messaging, but rather the GSMA global profile, which doesn’t include encryption.

Unfortunately, there is no official indication that the message edit will reach the public, but since there are already hidden signs in the beta version of the app, it is very likely that this will happen soon.