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Google plans to improve security on Android

Google plans to improve security on Android

Since the early days of Android in the market, technologies have advanced dramatically. Smartphones, tablets and other devices are now much more sophisticated than they were ten years ago.

The chips currently on the market are much more complex, and are often broken down for different tasks within a system. A few years ago, most tasks were performed via the main processor, but now there are devices with chips dedicated to security and even artificial intelligence.

Google constantly releases new updates for Android, focused on patching security vulnerabilities that appear. However, the scale of failures has increased exponentially, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent them all in time.

At the same time, many of the flaws are now also focused on the hardware, trying to exploit the firmware of the chips and the system in general. This has serious security implications, as the firmware is an essential part of the system.

Attacks performed directly on the firmware are very sophisticated, and are much more than a simple phishing attack or malicious applications. These types of attacks tend to be carried out by ad hoc groups, and focus on stealing sensitive information from persons of interest.

With that in mind, Google It is developing now A new project that aims to improve the security of Android devices and firmware. The company confirmed that it is working with specialized partners to improve Android defenses in the future.

The company hopes to incorporate a set of changes into the Android platform, which would allow manufacturers to improve firmware security and identify potential attack points – mitigating many flaws that may be present, not only known, but also ultimately unknown.

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Google confirms that improving firmware security will be a priority in the future, and it is likely that some news on this point will be revealed soon. Ultimately, the idea would be to create a more secure system for users.