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Google Play Store is more ads in the App Store

Google Play Store is more ads in the App Store

The North American technology company is testing new advertising apps in its App Store and content for Android mobile devices Google Play Store. These ads will be called “Passive Offers” and limited events with greater visibility.

To this end, the search giant is now looking for new places to show us the same ad next to the search results, as well as on other prominent sites. Note that this ad will only appear on the Play Store.

The ad is shown in Google search results

Moreover, according to reports, when you perform a search in the Play Store bar in question, we will have a maximum of three ads to display next to the same results. The measure thus aims to advertise campaigns of limited duration, events and applications flow with new content.

It should be noted that these new ads will also be present with your search history on the Google Play Store. There we will see not only the name of these applications that pay to be disclosed in Google ads, but also the icon, the number of installations and downloads, as well as the overall rating.

Up to 3 app ads in Google Play Store results

These changes are already in effect in the list of changes or Change Starting with Google’s system updates last April, they will gradually begin to reach users. So, if you see more ads on this Android store, especially when doing a search, don’t be surprised.

This is an intentional change to increase revenue generated by ads on the Google Play Store. This will be another source of revenue that the company will receive, along with purchases made in the Play Store (fees apply), subscriptions, and other advertising already served in this app.

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However, the inclusion of ads in Google search results may annoy some users. It will be more visual noise for this platform, as we can see below.

Google Play Store
Appearance of the new bar ad and Google search results: Credit: ShiftDelete.

In short, this new position is sure to bring a new source of revenue for Google. However, for users who are searching for a specific app, it increases the possibility that they will accidentally click on any paid app for this greater visibility.

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