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Google TV will get better with the support of artificial intelligence

Google TV will get better with the support of artificial intelligence

Google I/O also brought new features to the Google TV operating system. Discreetly, the North American company explained how artificial intelligence (AI) will improve the user experience for all users of this platform.

Google will use artificial intelligence to improve Google TV suggestions

As you can read on the company's official blog, Google will use Gemini to improve the suggestions it offers to users. The goal is to find favorite movies or series that no one has noticed yet.

Users will start seeing these changes on the home page, which is where they typically choose what they want to watch next. According to the company, these suggestions will be grouped based on each user's preferences and habits.

The types of movies and series you usually watch and even your favorite actors will play an important role in compiling these suggestions. In other words, each user will receive a set of suggestions tailored to them.

In addition to suggestions, Google will ask Gemini to prepare descriptions of content on the platform. This technology will fill in descriptions that may be missing on the platform.

Moreover, AI will also take care of translating all descriptions that are not available in your language. The goal is to know exactly what the movie or series will offer, even before you start watching that content.

This AI-based news is part of Google's efforts to improve the experience for all its users. She wants them to spend more time watching the content they love and less time searching for it.

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Gemini's reach on Google TV can be expanded to include other core functions of the platform. For now, this will be the focus of Google's AI in serving users of this platform.

It is possible that this AI news is not yet available to all users. However, it will be a matter of time before this happens.