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Google wants to balance privacy and advertising on Android devices - Tecnologia

Google wants to balance privacy and advertising on Android devices – Tecnologia

a google plan to extend privacy protection to other stations. After the security system appears on ChromNow, the company is preparing to adapt the technology to the ecosystem AndroidIt also works on smartphones and tablets. The tests have already started and should continue for at least two years.

Currently, to advertise products on Android devices, companies use a set of information about the user, which allows them to target ads according to detailed personal profiles, as well as monitor their behavior across various applications, so that a purchase can be attributed to a specific ad and its effectiveness measured accordingly.

Advertisers’ access to this type of information must be approved and can be turned off at any time in your phone’s settings, but not without facing an alert from Google itself, where the company stresses the importance of ads for free. For many services, because advertising is one of the biggest sources of income for technology.

Privacy Sandbox is an intermediate solution, which is a set of proposals created with the aim of creating a new set of standards for the industry, in order to enable ad targeting, but prevent user rating. Google has several proposals for this, such as grouping users by common interests, which would prevent an advertiser from accessing a level of personal detail, or assigning likes based on recent search history, which would track an advertising identity. Less detailed than user friendly, but still configured enough to target ads.

to me Android 13There will even be a software development toolkit that isolates the code from ads, so that it works in isolation, without mixing with the application where the ads are displayed.

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These and other ideas will replace the current individual profiling system and limit users’ sharing of information with advertisers. At the moment, nothing has been implemented, so the company is still designing and testing the solutions it wants to implement.

The Mountain View giant wants to build a solution that can impress competitors, as it believes that advertisers will be less interested in technology if they can no longer target their ads.

The coming years will be crucial for the advertising industry, as well as for technology, which will have to work together to create a system that benefits each other without harming users’ privacy.