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Google’s Android update boosts Pixel 8 performance

Google’s Android update boosts Pixel 8 performance

A few days ago we revealed that Google’s Android update had arrived for its new Pixel 8 smartphones. From what was revealed, it focused on resolving several of the identified issues, but it seems that Google has hidden something new. Google’s Android update has boosted the Pixel 8’s performance.

Google's Android update was a surprise

It seems that Google's bet on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro is very big. More than the existing hardware, the brand promises 7 years of Android updates and news for its smartphones. This is an important warranty and even extends to the devices themselves.

What was not expected was the news that arrived with this update, which seemed intended only to correct the issues and bugs that had been identified. It has gone so far as to prevent the proper use of these smartphones, blocking startup and even available storage space.

What is this openAfter installing this update, the Pixel 8 discovered an improvement in performance and first benchmark tests. In particular, the score on multi-core tests on Geekbench improved, with no significant differences compared to single-core and GPU tests.

The Pixel 8's performance has improved a lot

Although the importance of benchmark tests is relative, their importance must be recognized. The improvement recorded by the Google Pixel 8 after the November update, about +35%, was mainly discovered by many users of these smartphones in normal use.

It is not known whether Google will be able to develop its proposal further, as it has done now with a simple update. It is expected that Android will bring more to these smartphones in the future and that they will continue to develop significantly.

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We should appreciate Google and its engineers who managed to improve the performance of the Pixel 8 with just one Android update. These smartphones start what should be a presence in Portugal for Google in the hardware field and there will certainly be many interested in these proposals.