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Google’s updated Chrome Web Store is now available to all users

Google’s updated Chrome Web Store is now available to all users

The Chrome Web Store has received an interface redesign, in line with Material You and the latest versions of Android. The virtual store on mobile, which had an old design, is now very similar to the web version, with a more prominent top navigation bar and rounded pod tabs.

It’s not yet fully compatible with the Material You standard, like the Play Store, but it has minor tweaks. The approach is now simple, with a circle at the top highlighting available extensions and themes. It’s now the left sidebar Infinite scrolling on the home screen; It is returned in simple form only when the user selects a specific category, dividing it into subtopics.

In addition, search modifiers Allows you to filter results by all itemsOr featured add-ons or approved publishers, as well as by category. The updated store also features “Collections,” which group Google-recommended extensions or themes to meet specific needs.

Store overview, details, privacy information, and related items are now organized in a single column instead of distributed across tabs, making it easier to understand an item before you install it.

Despite the appearance tweaks, the add-on and theme menus remain practically unchanged, ensuring that the user won’t be completely cheap when searching for options they’re already accustomed to.

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