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Gordon Ramsay's Portuguese Bifana that revolutionized the Internet

Gordon Ramsay’s Portuguese Bifana that revolutionized the Internet

After controversy over the traditional Portuguese breakfast, Gordon Ramsay is back to serve up his version of the archetypal national dish: bifana.

Twitter is on the boil again, after another British chef releases a dish from Portuguese cuisine.

As with Ramsay’s last two dishes, breakfast and Alentejo ham, the new version of the steak caused a flurry of negative comments among netizens.

PSD Deputy Duarte Marquez responded to the post and commented, “It looks very good but it’s not a steak. Go to Vendas Novas and try a real one.” Also, YouTuber Mr. Remedy, upset about this release, responded to the British chef: “Again, Gordon?! Since you’re in Portugal, take a little hop to Vendas Novas. You have 5 or more different establishments that specialize in steaks and none of them Is that good enough. Have you eaten? Undoubtedly if you take a cock every time you call it bifana?

“I never thought I’d say this, but when it comes to Befana, the pub does it better than Gordon Ramsay,” reads one user comment on the post made by the president via Twitter. “If he thinks this is bifana, I’m afraid what he might do in French,” another user wrote.

Gordon Ramsay was in Portugal to record an episode of the third season of National Geographic’s “Uncharted”. The series shows that the chef is learning about gastronomic culture and experimenting with new flavours. The episode dedicated to Portugal has already been broadcast in the US and will premiere in Portugal on October 15.

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