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Got Netflix? Account sharing will end, learn how

Netflix is ​​preparing to end free account sharing. On the website, the site writes that the account is intended for use by people who live in the same household. The company also explains how it will prevent accounts from being shared between people who don’t live together.

First came the notification that it was working to prevent account sharing. Then came the date: Q1 2023. Now the caveat:

One account Netflix is ​​intended for use by people who live together In the same residence.

the The company explains can Ask to check the deviceif a device outside the home logs in to the account or uses it regularly.

“If you share your account with someone who doesn’t live with you, Netflix won’t automatically charge you,” he warns.

but how?

If Netflix detects that a device – a TV, mobile phone, computer or tablet – It is not associated with housing, it may ask to verify the device. To do this, you can use information such as IP address, device identifiers, and account activity.

An example is Send a link to your email address or mobile phone number linked to the primary account holder. On the web page there will be a file Four-digit verification codewhich must be entered in The device that submitted the request.

To ensure access to Netflix and establish a trusted device, Connect to the main site’s Wi-Fi, and open an app or website at least once a month.

For anyone who is away from their primary location for an extended period of time, their device may be locked out. To avoid this, you can order a file Temporary access token.

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