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"Got Talent!"  We got to know the new leader of.  He will replace Szymon Hołownia!  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

“Got Talent!” We got to know the new leader of. He will replace Szymon Hołownia! :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Already in the fall, after a year-long hiatus, “Mom Talent!” The project will return. Simone Hosea is missing from the thirteenth edition of the TV show. His place will be taken by Mikes Kemba, and he will lead the show along with Markin Prokap.

“I have a talent!”. The show airs again!

“Man Talent!” Broadcast on TVN. One of the most popular talent shows in Poland. The format debuted in the fall of 2008 and was immediately appreciated by audiences. Last year’s version of the program was canceled due to a corona virus infection. Fortunately, it was officially confirmed some time ago “Got Talent!” We will see the thirteenth edition of.. We learned of this version of the jury at the end of May. In addition to Agnieszka Ciliska and Magorzatta Formniak, John Clement also sits in it, replacing Augustine Egurola. Now we also met a new leader.

Mike Kemba will replace Sison Hosania

Szymon Hołownia and Marcin Prokop are a couple of hosts who stole the hearts of the show’s fans with their jokes and general slanders. However, Hosania chose a political career and had to resign from the show, as television had long been looking for a new partner for Markin Procop. According to reports from the “PudelekPL” portal, the new co-host of the project will be the popular stand-up mickey Kemba.

Luckily, we were saved by Mikey Kemba, who will co-host the show with Markin Prokap. Admittedly, this is a kind of experiment, because his sense of humor does not really apply to the family plan, which is sometimes very brief, but we really have no choice. It’s hard to find someone who can handle this design – Edward Missock’s close ally told the “BudelekPL” portal

Thirteenth Edition “Got Talent!” The fall of TVN TV will appear on the table. The performance will last until July 15. Bokton Saja, TVN’s deputy program director, explained that the shooting schedule depends on the country’s epidemic. He insisted Production It is important that the audience participates in the preparation of the show.

The shooting schedule depends on the development of the Govt situation, but we expect new episodes to appear on the table in early September. We definitely got “Talent!” With the participation of the audience, he brings the show to life – Bokton Saja said in an interview with the portal “”.

“I have a talent!”. Read by 3-year-old Bon Thaddeus. He recently turned 10 years old. How is Rafa today who stole the hearts of the audience?

7 years ago, “Mom Talent!” They saw an extraordinary event. On stage, a 3-year-old boy was seen reading an excerpt from a very important Polish reading, “Bon Thaddeus”! Today the boy is 10 years old. How …

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22-year-old Magda Welk returns to the stage. Winner of “Mom Talent” with new song

The winner of the third edition of “Got Talent” returns with new material. “Not Looking Back” is the second single after “Mitsi Siowami”, announcing Magdalena Welkin’s upcoming album.