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Gothenburg - Policeman shot dead

Gothenburg – Policeman shot dead

Swedish police confirmed the death of an official in a shooting incident in the Biskobsgaarden area north of Gothenburg on Wednesday evening.

It is with great sadness that we are informed of the death of a colleague after he was shot tonight. Our thoughts go to family, loved ones and co-workers. I’ve spoken to the district chief and parts of the rest of the police department in the Väst district to make sure they have the resources to catch the culprit, says Swedish National Police chief Anders Thornberg, according to GT.

Swedish police reported the incident at 22.34pm on Wednesday. The first reports were that a police officer and another person were injured in the shooting at Biskopsgaarden in Heisingen in Gothenburg, NTB writes.

Just over 2pm on Thursday, it was reported that no one was taken to hospital except for a police officer who was seriously injured. At 2.54 it reaches the police That police officer died in hospital.

– tragic

– This is a terrible tragic event and a sad message to receive. Regional Director Claes Johansson in Sweden’s Western Police District says that my thoughts are first of all to his relatives, as well as to all his colleagues.

The policeman was said to have been shot when he spoke to some people. A large area was cordoned off while forensic investigations were conducted and witnesses were being questioned during the night. Significant resources were invested in the search for the culprit.

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Alicia was next to the scene and was sleeping when she heard what appeared to be gunshots.

– We are lying in bed and going to sleep when we hear four or five sounds like shots. Don’t think about it anymore, but since then, 15-16 police cars have been wrecked by Vårväderstorget, she tells GT.

– Terribly scary

She sees police cars from her window.

– It looks terribly scary. I am the mother of a two year old child. It’s very scary. It’s kind of like being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Alicia says.

Police spokesman Fredrik Svedemir told the newspaper that many people live in the area.

– We have witness information from the place. Exactly how much, or to what extent, I don’t know. If you have information, you can call the police immediately, says Svedemyr.