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Goucha admits he was biased against Zé Lopes and publicly apologizes - TV

Goucha admits he was biased against Zé Lopes and publicly apologizes – TV

Zee Lopez He was a guest on Saturday 2 October on TVI “Conta-me”. In an interview with Manuel Luis Josha, the 23-year-old talked about his difficult childhood, the bullying he experienced at school and going to Lisbon in search of his dream.

The exuberant character, whose existence he admits, made him go through unpleasant situations in life. One of them was prejudice against him by Manuel Luis Josha. In honest conversation, the TVI veteran assumed he owed Zee Lopez a public apology.

“I was prejudiced against you because of your arrogance. I publicly apologize. I opened my head. I thought, “How can I be biased?” We all have prejudices and realized that you have every right to your abundance. You have every right to be happy. Manuel Luis Jocha said, “If your happiness passes by being like you, I must respect it.”

Although he admits that Goucha’s attitude made him doubt his abilities as a professional, the young man says he holds no grudges and maintains that Goucha was “very generous” when he apologized. “I questioned myself at the time. But I was very happy when I received this letter. It was the day the ‘red carpet’ would start,” the young man recalls.

Manuel added, “I never bothered you, but I told you ‘I don’t want you to write about his host’, do you want worse? It’s called cutting someone’s legs and that’s why I apologize.”

Zé Lopes joined TVI for the first time on April 9, 2018, to do an internship at “Você na TV” as part of the social networking course he was attending in Coimbra. He ended up not staying past the internship, but Cristina Ferreira didn’t forget him. After a period at SIC, he returned to TVI for “Somos Portugal”, a program he ended up removing.

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Zee said, “I think public opinion also had an influence on the decision. I’ve seen things that were really hideous and hurt so much. I think people were so violent without having started,” considering that there wasn’t time to display his true personality.

Zee Lopez talks about his difficult childhood and being bullied

Zee Lopez was always a happy kid, came from a wealthy family and never lacked anything, until the day his father was arrested. “My father was arrested because he was duped by some coffee supplier and thought he could solve everything himself, without realizing that he was digging more holes. Not even my mother was gone. He ended up being arrested because he ran over a law enforcement officer. She was sentenced She was imprisoned for five years, but she was four years old because she left because of good behavior,” says Manuel Luis Jocha.

During this period, between the ages of 5 and 9, Zee was always visiting his father in prison. Asked by Manuel Luis Josha what it was like to see his father behind bars, the young man did not hide that it was “very complicated. “I’ve often seen people trying to get in with drugs, he was very aggressive and lived everything at that age leaving marks. But I know it was also my desire to go see my dad.”

During this period, Zee says his mother “never let her down” and admits that his father left prison a changed man, for the better. “My mom is the greatest example that I have to forgive,” he says. “It all happened and my mother was always by his side.”

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At school, Zee also had difficult times. To Qusha, the young man admits that he was the target of severe bullying. “When we talk about bullying lightly, it bothers me because all cases of bullying should be reported. I’ve spent a lot. I was beaten. She was plump, she was lush, she was a punching bag.”

However, Zee Lopez stresses that he doesn’t want to “think about something poor”. In a post published on the social network Instagram, minutes before the start of the interview, the young man said: “I want you to think about the flexibility with which we must face the most challenging situations and how the dream should always be our focus.”