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Goucha explains why he hugged Tony Carrera after the interview

Goucha explains why he hugged Tony Carrera after the interview

MAnuel Louis Ghosha was, of course, not indifferent to the wave of support that followed the exhibition of his touching interview with Tony Carrera which was broadcast Monday night live.

The presenter addressed the topic at the start of the “Josha” program on Tuesday afternoon and took the opportunity to explain what prompted him to embrace the musician at the end of the talk.

“I would definitely be surprised if I didn’t say anything about the conversation I had yesterday with Tony Carrera. Let me tell you that in this embrace, the conversation was already over, and it came with an impulse that I didn’t get or wanted to punish him, regardless of taking all the security rules very seriously, I felt like it was the whole country that I was embracing Tony and his familyThe face of the TVI channel, which ended his statement, announces thanks to the many Portuguese who made this interview the most-watched program of the day.

“Thank you very much for one million eight hundred thousand hugs,” Ghosheh continues.

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