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Olje- og energiminister Terje Aasland (Ap) på Kårstø i Rogaland

Government guarantees power cables ‘in case something happens’ – NRK Vestland

A bomb threat at the Nyhamna gas station in Aukra Thursday morning led to complete evacuation from the plant.

Since then, preparations at Norwegian oil and gas facilities have been high Explosions in gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. The preparation continued last week Sharpen as well When the government decided to restrict the access of Russian fishing vessels to the ports.

in written form Questions To Minister of Oil and Energy Terry Asland (AP) Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF) asks what is being done to prevent sabotage in the power exchange cables.

Monday Will the power cable between Norway and Holland work again? The cable has been out of service since the beginning of May.

Former National Audit Bureau point out that work with norwegian object protection “minus” and contains “Big weaknesses“Including the protection of civil installations from electricity.

In the North Sea and Skagerrak, existing cables extend to Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and England.

Photo: NRK

Norway is in a very weak position

in the question Robstad points out the geopolitical situation and that Norway is in a vulnerable position.

to me the answers The energy minister says Norway has a necessary stockpile and “can make a repair in the event of an accident”.

He adds that the cables are buried on the sea floor, although this is “a measure intended primarily to protect fishing activities, and not from deliberate sabotage or damage.”

When it comes to international cable ground factories, they generally have the highest safety class.

The three red dots indicate where there are leaks on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines.

The three red dots indicate where there are leaks on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines.

Graphics: Swedish Maritime Administration

In hybrid warfare, the attacking party can hide

Since last fall, many mysterious events in Norwegian waters have been explained under Hybrid wari.e. a combination of conventional military operations and alternative means such as cyber attacks and sabotage.

Robstad told NRK he was “happy that the minister is concerned about the security of foreign cables.”

On the last day yesterday, there were reports of challenges with one oil pipeline in Poland. It is important not to be naive.

Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines began leaking into the Baltic Sea on Monday.

Introduced “Rising Vigilance” in February

Requirements for the protection of facilities, information security and defense against ICT attacks are regulated in the so-called Power Emergency ListSupervised by NVE.

NVE also operates the Swedish Emergency Response Organization (SER).KBO), which consists of major energy producers and Norwegian grid companies.

The ministry instructed the KBO to introduce “increased vigilance” throughout the return period in February – when Russia invaded Ukraine.

This means that the company has long been more vigilant when it comes to physical facilities, information and communication technology, win over Iceland.

On Wednesday he was in Prague for a discussion How will you meet Europe lack of energy.

That same evening, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia was once again ready to export gas to Germany through an undamaged portion of Nord Stream 2, which was partially destroyed in September. Germany rejected the offer.

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