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Governor bets on science to expand dairy sector

Governor bets on science to expand dairy sector

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The ruler confirms that the world needs Rural producers to intensify research focused on agriculture and livestockThe.

Last Saturday (14/05), Governor Ronaldo Chiado participated in a match Meet the dairy farmers In Estância Tamburil, in Bela Vista de Goiás, which is 45 kilometers from Goiânia. Held on the property that is a reference in the genetic improvement of dairy cows, the event encouraged discussion about the export of technology used in the place and the development of the sector in Goiás.

The governor pointed out, “I am a man who believes in science,” stressing that the world needs Rural producers to intensify research focused on agriculture and livestock. According to him, technological progress results in advanced products, as well as the ability to heat the market, creating jobs and income. Mention, for example, the milk produced in Estancia, which is lactose-free. “It is of good quality and has the condition that it does not produce any inflammatory process for those who consume it.”

Tamburil has one of the herds of cattle breeds dairy lime Girolando is the most awarded prize in Brazil. During the event, Estancia creator, Amarildo Perez, his son and property manager, Bruno Perez, presented the property’s facilities and technology developed to create and improve dairy cows.

The farm is currently located in Bela Vista de Goiás Produces 10 times the national average for milk. “We have 1,500 animals, we’ve crossed the border, and today we’re spreading our genes all over Brazil and exporting them to other countries,” Amarildo Gonçalves reported.

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Thiago Mendonca, listed other measures taken by the state in favor of this sector: “We have started with the necessary infrastructure, such as improving highways and providing machinery to municipalities to repair neighboring roads, which leads to better flooding. On the credit side, we have improved the limits of Foreign and Commonwealth Office [Fundo Constitucional de Financiamento do Centro-Oeste]”.

The meeting was attended by State Deputy Emory Ribeiro. Cebra Goiás President Antonio Carlos de Sousa Lima Neto; Head of Emater, Pedro Leonardo; In addition to the mayors of the region, consuls, farmers and leaders of the productive sector.

Source: Kura Coralina News Agency

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