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Govit-19: After AstraZeneca, the French avoided the modern vaccine

Govit-19: After AstraZeneca, the French avoided the modern vaccine

Can the Moderna Covit-19 vaccine indirectly affect the bad name of the AstraZeneca product? The vaccine site opened on Tuesday, April 6, in the State de France in Seine-Saint-Denis, and was rapidly fully visualized in the first week of vaccination with Pfizer serum. However, hundreds of appointments were made for the injection of the Modern product. A condition was also seen in some hospitals.

The vaccine against the corona virus developed by the American laboratory Moderna is fighting to attract the French. Online booking places pay more than Pfizer serum levels. The opening of the Grand Vaccine Center in the State of France in Saint-Denis (Sean-Saint-Denis) illustrates this point, Parisian.

Management of Pfizer and Moderna products began on Tuesday, April 6th. Meetings related to the first type of vaccine sparked excitement. The day before the center opened, they were not available on the Doctolip.FR site until the weekend. However it remained the same Many more important places For those who are eligible to be vaccinated With moderna serum.

Confused with Astrogeneka?

Several hundred possible tables between Tuesday noon and Saturday afternoon are actually recordable with American production. The situation is less understandable as the two messenger RNA vaccines work identically. The performance enhanced by the respective designers is similar 94% in Moderna and 94.5% in Pfizer.

Lack of confidence in the production of AstraGeneca may have led to distrust of Moderna serum, whose injection was interrupted for several days in various countries. The European Pharmaceuticals Association was recently contacted about the risk of “rare” thrombosis associated with this vaccine. Officials selected from Seine-Saint-Denis appealed to the Ile-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS) to clarify the situation and reassure the public.

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“It’s like Pfizer”

“ARS tells us that Moderna ends in A, just like Astrogeneka,” said Katie Bondink, Saint-Denis’ first deputy mayor in charge of health. “It can run a few things, but for sure, choosing a vaccine is very important in the eyes of the public.”

“At our vaccination center at Avicenna Hospital, we see Reluctance for the modern vaccine“, Refers to his role PFMTV Frederick Adnet, head of the SAMU-SMUR emergency department at Bobikni Hospital. “It’s because little is known between Pfizer and Astrogeneka,” the doctor explains.

“We can explain, we tell them, that like Moderna Pfizer, it’s a messenger RNA, which is the same principle, the RNAs are a little different, but identical in terms of side effects and performance.” So Frederick Adnet calls for a national information campaign about the various vaccines, Moderna has forgotten about the vaccine.