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Gradually, the new Xbox interface begins to reach all users

Gradually, the new Xbox interface begins to reach all users

Just four days after attending the Xbox Games Showcase presentation, which will be followed by Starfield Direct, Xbox users can enjoy a two-hour event that promises a lot of games, both already announced and new projects, as well as some other surprises. It can already be expected, as is the presence of a Starfield controller and headset.

But with no time to lose perspective, Phil Spencer seems to want to accompany this celebration with the public reveal of what will be the console’s “new experience”, that is, the long-awaited new version of the interface that users signed up for in the “Xbox Insider” program is being tested. And provide feedback for a few weeks now.

This is what he confirmed Many Twitter users Who was surprised that the console asked to update to a new version. Others, with Quick Start downloads turned on, noticed how different the menu was, when they started the console, from what they saw the last time they were before it.

For those who don’t know, Microsoft went to great lengths to redesign the icons section after feedback from the Xbox gaming community. The interface is now displayed much cleaner background, Where the sections descend significantly on the screen, they start to appear from 2/4 of the screen, unlike before, where the icons practically appeared from the highest part of it.

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Quick access buttons have also been added to the new Xbox interface at the top, through which we will access the Games and Apps Library, the Microsoft Store, the Xbox Game Pass app, search and console settings. This is a huge improvement in user accessibility and agility, as we won’t have to navigate through the console menu to access the most used functions.

On the other hand, there are changes in the department My games and apps. Microsoft has updated the code to let us know when something new needs our attention. For example, a notification will now appear when a game update comes out or when there’s a price change on a title on our wishlist.

Another novelty in this new Xbox interface is the use of Game art feature. Now, when we hover over the game icon, the wallpaper will temporarily change to that of that game, as we can see in the image above these lines.