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Grammy ends secret committees after wave of criticism – Showbiz

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The Recording Academy said that more than 11,000 members will decide who will be nominated for the 2022 awards. Decisions have so far been taken by a committee of 15 to 30 experts whose identities are unknown.

The Academy said that the “significant changes” reflect “its commitment to continuing to evolve with the music scene and to ensure that the rules and guidelines for Grammy Awards are transparent and fair.”

In a statement, the organization indicated that it is also working to reduce the number of categories its members can vote in. Before they vote 15, now they will vote 10.

Organizers announced that the upcoming edition of the Grammys will include 86 categories while creating two new categories, one of which is for Latin music.

The changes come after singer The Weeknd accused organizers of the Grammys of “corruption” in November. Despite his commercial success, he has yet to receive any award nominations this year.

The Canadian, known with songs like “Blinding Lights” and “Starboy”, wrote: “Corruption continues in the Grammys. They owe it to me, the fans and the transparency industry.”

It was “a year of unprecedented transformational change for the Recording Academy,” said Harvey Mason Jr., interim director and president of the academy.

“This is a new academy that has doubled its commitment to meet the needs of the music community,” he said.

Last year, Deborah Doan, the academy’s first executive director in history, was fired due to alleged harassment.

Doan has filed a lawsuit alleging she was fired after addressing issues ranging from voting irregularities to sexual harassment and alleged abuse.

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Zayn Malik, a former member of One Direction, criticized anonymous voting committees in March.

The singer, who has not previously been nominated, tweeted, “I am still pushing and fighting for transparency and inclusiveness. We need to make sure that we honor and celebrate everyone’s” creative excellence “. We’ll get rid of secret committees.” His previous group or as a solo artist.

Malik added, “My tweet was not personal or about eligibility, but about the need for inclusion and lack of transparency in the nomination process and the space that creates and allows favoritism, racism and network policy to influence the voting process.”

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