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Great emotions ahead of the Poland-Slovakia match for Euro 2020

Great emotions ahead of the Poland-Slovakia match for Euro 2020

The Slovak media insists that the Polish footballers are the most favorite in Monday’s match at the European Football Championship in St. Petersburg. The Polish team wants to get valuable points, which will ensure a good start to the tournament.

First appearances in matches are usually difficult, but the Slovaks are ready to surprise their opponents

– The ambassador of the TASR news agency wrote to St. Petersburg.

Poland is a favorite

He stressed that Poland is ranked 21st and Slovakia 36th in the FIFA rankings. For the third time in its independent history, Polish rivals will play in a top football tournament, five years after the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and the Euro in France. In both events they advanced to the 1/8 finals. Now they at least want to repeat those decisions.

We are working hard to get here and look forward to the competition. Poland will be a big challenge for us, which is ahead of us in the FIFA rankings, we are the foreigners of the European Championship

– Said Sztefan Tarkovic, TASR coach of the Slovak national team.

Team captain Marek Homsik has admitted he does not like Slovakia.

Football is unpredictable and I think Slovakia have the strength and ability to get out of the team. But we must present ourselves to be worthy of it. Poles is a strong opponent, and Lewandowski is by far the most dangerous

Hamsik said he had no health problems.

Among their representatives, the Slovaks have experienced players in the Polish league. Lubomir Satka, a 25-year-old defender from Le Bosna, has announced that he wants to exclude Lewandowski from the game.

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Bookmakers do not find Euro favorites in Slovakia. The odds of their success are about 250: 1. However, the press in Bratislava insists that there are bands with low ratings, such as Hungary, Finland and northern Macedonia.

I think we can play in close matches against the Swedes and the Poles. The only question is whether we can act effectively and create opportunities and take advantage of them

– Former football player and coach Joseph Formos was surprised by a poll by the Pravda newspaper.

Phoenix: Slovakia, we will organize the team

Zbigniev Ponik, president of the Polish Football Association, told BAP that Slovakia was “building a well-organized team of tough footballers”. The Poles will play with them on Monday in St. Petersburg at the European Championships. “Competitors’ injuries in our team? We have our own issues and we will focus on them,” he said.

In theory, Slovakia appears to be the easiest competitor in Group E. It ranks very low in the group in the world rankings (36th) and only advanced to the competition after the play-offs. In addition, he has various staffing issues. Many of the injured strikers are missing. It is also unknown whether veteran captain Marek Hamsik will perform.

However, the President of the Polish Federation and the Vice President of the UEFA believe that it is wrong to be guided by the harassment of the Slovaks. In addition, the white and red colors are their own, Arcadius Milik, Jacek Koralsky and Christoph Bystek.

The Slovaks are a well-organized team. Made up of tough players who never gave up on anyone. So, it makes no sense to speculate whether the lack of one or two players will help us

– Phoenix admitted in an interview with BAP.

We have our own problems, we will focus on them and try to solve them. However, when it comes to the harassment of opponents in our group, sometimes they make the team even bigger

– He pointed out.

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The other two rivals of the Poles are: Spain, who are considered the team’s favorite, and Sweden, who are known for their solid game. However, the last days were very difficult for both teams as they had to deal with COVID-19 and related isolations.

I will not see it. I don’t think this is important in matches with our team

– Said the president of the Polish Football Association.

He also mentioned previous issues with injuries on both teams. In the representation of “Tracy Coroni”, the injury was rejected, among other things, the famous Slaton Ibrahimovic.

I don’t know if Ibrahimovic’s lack of a team of eleven fighters and runners is weakening. They have their iron tricks. Of course, Ibrahimovic is a player who can always score a goal with nothing. But as I saw in Milan, running all the time and coming back is not a runner. He plays his game and he has enough experience and skill to make a difference. However, as I mentioned, its absence will ensure the team

– Insisted the President of the Polish Football Association.

Captain Sergio Ramos has been ruled out of Spain’s national team, suffering from a number of health problems – playing very rarely in the spring and not being invited by coach Luiz Enrique.

The Spaniards always have the best players. Yes, Sergio Ramos may not be, but when I saw him at a match at the European Cups, I got the impression that he was missing a few kilos of muscle. Honestly – Ramos in form and Ramos out of form are two completely different players. The Spaniards have alternatives, and there are many possibilities

– The phoenix is ​​over.

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