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Marca ORA da Great Wall Motors exibe o ORA Punk Cat

Great Wall Motors offers an electric vehicle similar to the classic Volkswagen Beetle

It is possible that he encountered the Volkswagen Beetle, better known as the Karocha, on the street, and therefore, the model is no stranger to it. If it was exclusive to the brand before, then Great Wall Motors, from China, appears to be showing a model that, for example, is very similar.

Aura Bank Cat is an electric vehicle similar to the classic Volkswagen Beetle.

An exact copy of the classic classics

and on Shanghai Motor ShowSome weapons are presented by the Chinese brand ORA, which is part of the Great Wall Motors group, which is an international auto show. In addition to the ORA Lightning Cat, ORA Punk Cat also attracted the attention of early visitors, due to its outdated design.

However, this design is identical to the classic Volkswagen Beetle, produced between 1938 and 2003. Although the Volkswagen model adopted other designations and chassis, the brand Great Wall Motors Adopt the properties of the parent.

The main difference is in the bodywork, as the Volkswagen model has two doors and the ORA model has five doors.

The ORA brand Great Wall Motors displays the ORA Punk Cat

As the brand itself revealed, ORA Punk Cat appears to be targeting the female audience. More than that, it takes us to the post-war models: round headlights with chrome curves, metal and non-integrated bumpers, as well as chrome mirrors.

The ORA brand Great Wall Motors displays the ORA Punk Cat

Meet the inspiration, the model you provided Great Wall MotorsThe, ORA Punk Cat, has a vintage exterior, although more ornate than the original. However, it mixes modernity with a panoramic touchscreen

Interior Aura Bank Cat

Great Wall Motors opens discussion on plagiarism

At the moment, there is no technical data on the Chinese electric vehicle right Now.

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However, the electric vehicle chassis, now shown to the press, was enough to open a discussion of potential plagiarism. At stake is the brand's legitimacy, without any connection to Volkswagen, to design a car that is practically the same, or conceptually the same, as an iconic model as the Carocha.