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Greek holiday islands: - beware of holiday pearls

Greek holiday islands: – beware of holiday pearls

Several Greek holiday islands are marked in dark red on the EU Corona map, which means that travel to and from the islands is not recommended.

Reuters news agency reports.

Among the islands featured are the famous resorts of Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes. Places that usually attract millions of tourists every summer.

Opens: After a long period of Corona activity, Stavros can finally reopen its restaurant in Rhodes.
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– The situation is worrying

Greek authorities said earlier on Thursday that they were a step away from imposing restrictions on holiday pearls.

– The country’s deputy head of social security, Nikos Hardalias, told the news agency that the situation is worrying.

After a very difficult period since the pandemic hit Greece last year, the nation has been hoping for tourists to come back again this summer.

Tourism is actually one of the country’s biggest sources of income, and despite a strong June, it’s still uncertain how the season will turn out.

Delayed reopening

Infection is not only increasing in Greece. On Wednesday, the Norwegian government held a press conference, in which it decided to do so Postpone step 4 of reopening.

The reason was the increasing trend of infection.

– Based on developments in recent weeks, the International Family Health Organization recommends against moving to Step 4. Health and Welfare Services Minister Bint Hui (H) said the government expects to conduct a further assessment in mid-August.

After that, about 90 percent of Norway’s population will receive at least one dose of the vaccine.