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Greenvolt agrees to buy British biomass plant for $287m - Energy

Greenvolt agrees to control up to 29.3% of Spain’s Perfecta Energia – Energia

Greenvolt, Altri’s renewable energy company, and Tresa Energía have reached an agreement allowing the company led by Manso Neto to subscribe to the capital increase, with the view that Greenvolt may own a 29.23% stake in Spain’s Perfecta Energia, with active participation in the management of the company.

Perfecta Energia was created in 2019 and is headquartered in Madrid, operates in Spain, dedicated to the marketing, installation and maintenance of PV systems for autonomous consumption in the domestic sector, in the B2C (business to consumer) sector.

The companies explained, in a statement, that the photovoltaic energy production sector in the neighboring country is considered “one of the greatest potential in Europe, either due to the country’s natural conditions or due to the low level of market development.” “So Greenvolt believes there is great potential for medium-term growth for a company like Perfecta Energía, both in terms of sales volume and profitability generated,” he explains. This operation is part of Greenvolt’s national and international expansion project, and constitutes “another step in the process of confirming the community as a reference player, at the international level, in the renewable energy market, contributing, in particular, in the context of its growth strategy to the expansion of its business,” notes company.

Earlier this month, at an event targeting the capital market, Joao Manso Neto said the next five years would be growth for Greenvolt. On the same occasion, the company announced that it plans to invest up to 1.8 billion euros to finance its development plan until 2025.

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