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Greenvolt has already crossed 150 million IPOs before the end of the process - Stock Exchange

Greenvolt has already crossed 150 million IPOs before the end of the process – Stock Exchange

Greenvolt, Altri’s renewable energy company that is in the midst of an initial public offering (IPO in Portuguese), has already crossed the 150 million euros it had indicated at the start of this capital increase to move the company to the Portuguese stock exchange, although contact “build a book” Expires only next Monday, July 12th.

to me The call has now been sent to CMVM (Securities Exchange Commission), GreenVolt “reports that today a volume of subscription orders exceeding the subject matter of the said offer (including so-called ‘initial offering shares’ and ‘option shares’) has been reached”.

This means that this amount also includes “Over-allocation option”, also known as “green boot option”, which would give investors the opportunity to buy 15% more shares than expected (about 4,588,235 shares), 30 days after the start of the IPO, As per the stated expectations of the deal.According to the new calendar, share prices – whose indicative range is set between 4.25 and 5 euros – will be determined on July 13, with the results of the process known and the financial settlement of shares executed the next day. The new company, listed on the Lisbon Stock Exchange, is scheduled to go public on July 15.

The offer is based on a capital increase of 130 million euros (up to 30,588,235 shares), aimed at institutional investors, which is added to a tranche of 56 million cash, reserved for shareholders of V-Ridium in Poland, who enter with assets in Greenvolt (11,200,000 shares) .

All in all – including the 15% “Greenhoe option” – the new company on the national exchange could raise up to €205,499,98.56 million in the process.

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The process will be controlled by BNP Paribas and CaixaBank, acting as joint global coordinators, while Santander and JB Capital Markets will be the underwriting managers, who will have the role of offering these securities with investors. PLMJ will be the legal advisor for this offering and Deloitte will be GreenVolt’s auditor.

Greenvolt is a renewable energy company, Assuming it has a 48% share in biomass. It recently announced its agreement to buy several assets, notably from Tilbury, which has biomass plants in the UK. Solar and wind are connected via the V-Ridium. The proceeds from the operation will be used for growth in these three renewable areas: biomass, wind and solar energy.