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Grout, which is causing problems for Deschamps

We do not know, since Didier Deschamps has decided not to say anythingOliver Groot One of the elements that led to the re-appeal of the Blues coach Kareem BenzemOn a French team. What is clear, however, is that “TD” continues to show his concern about the former Montpellier’s form, and if he had responded frequently to the selection he could end up with a day’s pay for the lack of playing time at the club, with Chelsea.

“I talked to him about different things, At a press conference Monday at Descomps, the Relays RMC said: He’s on a team of 26 people and like everyone else he wants to be important. I know what he can do. After that, we will not return to the difficult situation he knew at the club since his playing time was greatly reduced at the end of February. He came later, so we had less time to work a little. Like his club, Oliver always gives his maximum during sessions. But nothing can change matches as far as playing time is concerned. He had very little. Even if he is in top form and he is accustomed to it, it is complicated. “

Groot, what’s in the queue?

In the first production match against Wales (3-0), Groot was not on the scoresheet and was on the team after the Champions League final (my goal was in the same case as Conte). On Tuesday evening, for the Blues’ second and final Test drive before the Euros, Tencemp will renew its 4-4-2 diamond with Griezmann in favor of the Benzema-Mba duo.

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This system, which requires movement on the part of two attackers, does not seem to be the best to use Grout’s qualities. Among the center-forward, in Deschamps’ view, it will be interesting to see what the current hierarchy behind the holders is. Wissam Ben Yedder entered against Welsh. Will Grout get the right to play time against Bulgaria? He really needs it …

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