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Grupo Alves Ribeiro and Asperbras are the biggest debtors to Novo Banco that does not pay credits due to BES

Grupo Alves Ribeiro and Asperbras are the biggest debtors to Novo Banco that does not pay credits due to BES

The Elvis Ribeiro Group, which is centered around civil construction but is also the owner of Banco Invest, is a debtor to Novo Banco that decided not to have to pay its credit for losing money through Banco Espírito Santo’s decision, as revealed by a Lone Star Bank manager.

At the hearing on Friday, June 4, at the Novo Banco Investigative Committee, Roy Fontes, in charge of risk at the financial institution, revealed that one of the main cases of unpaid credits in retaliation for the decision is the protagonist. by Elvis Ribeiro Collection. “It was amazing”. As he revealed, there has been a cross-process with BES, and this case – which he did not specify – is already in second instance court. “The customer is the one who demands his rights and we are ours,” he said.

It was already known, how Journal de Negócios reported in 2016, that Banco Invest was a creditor of BES, for having invested more than €5 million in bonds that were transferred to BES after it was in Novo Banco, in a measure of the capitalization of the institution at the end of 2015, which is why they went to justice. But it is now known that the group does not pay credit with Novo Banco.

In addition to the Alves Ribeiro group, the Brazilian civil construction group Asperbras “claimed to have an investment in commercial paper from GES and was the reason for the non-payment of debts to Novo Banco,” Antonio’s team manager told deputies Boque. According to Rui Fontes, the case will be before the arbitration panel in Paris for a decision.

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“These are the two biggest issues,” he said, referring to a topic previously mentioned by the head of the Novo Banco monitoring committee, José Pratsinha Vieira, who said there were “many people” who had not paid Novo. Banco because he lost money in the GES (i.e., the commercial paper of major companies that were not compensated). In these cases, lawsuits are filed to repay the credit, Roy Fontes said. He said that there were already favorable and unfavorable decisions.

Antonio Pedro Ferreira

Restructuring is better than enforcing the Viera guarantee

Regarding other debtors, but outside of this area of ​​strategic default, Roy Fontes was asked about Luis Felipe Vieira and the Agentelor Group, after he reiterated the bank’s position: restructuring the Promolor credit in 2017, with its transition to a fund. , bring more guarantees to the bank.

We have kept all the warranties in place and maintain a personal and wife guarantee, which gives us extra convenience that you will remain committed to resolving the issue. He said that we did not implement the endorsement of Luis Felipe Vieira because we understand that the alternative better defends Novo Banco.

About the Moniz da Maia group, one of those who left the greatest trail of losses with Novo Banco, Roy Fontes postulated that there were processes in which the goal was to “lose as little as possible”, and this was the case.