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GTA 6 | The famous Twitch Streamer says the game is ready and tells how to play

It hasn’t been long since rock games Went to the audience to comment on the next game in the franchise Grand Theft Auto It is developed, between the lines that confirm that GTA 6 Under development.

Recently, the famous streamer on TwitchOh xQcoWwho has more than 10 million followers on the platform, made a rather interesting comment about the new game from rock games during one of their lives. Check it out in the launcher below:

Check it out on YouTube: xQc said he played GTA VI online and is talking about it

During his live broadcast, he commented: “screw it Contracts and terms, even if I go to prison I will speak; I’ve been playing GTA 6 and Online mode and I can already say that its development has been completed”- “We will not be famous anymore role play fur five ambecause they created their own servers for role playIt’s real, very advanced, and it’s the best system ever.”

We don’t know if this is actually real, if he plays a role GTA 6 Or not, but it’s worth remembering that this streaming device recently accidentally ended up with a file leak Monitor 2 In another live stream, which will only have open beta in April; But this one received an early version for testing and ended up missing – if you want to see it, just Click on this link To be redirected to Youtube.

GTA 6 production has recently been confirmed by Rockstar Games

If your story is correct, the new game will be launched from rock gamesIt may be closer than we think – recent information points to a release only at the end of 2024.

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