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GTA 6 |  The journalist claims to have watched Grand Theft Auto VI and reveals the game’s information

GTA 6 | The journalist claims to have watched Grand Theft Auto VI and reveals the game’s information

Announcement and launch GTA6 (Grand Theft Auto VI) sparked a lot of anticipation among fans of the franchise. despite of rock games After the game was kept secret, some information leaked onto the Internet.

Recently, he is named as a rapper and journalist hip hop He allegedly had the opportunity to visit the studios rock games And saw some never-before-seen footage from the game.

You can check out more details about the disclosed information in our partner SanInPlay video:

Check them out on YouTube: GTA 6: Exclusive! IMAGE The PROTAGONIST of the game appears in high quality and the DJ makes an unprecedented reveal

in your account at TwitterThe rapper and journalist left a mysterious message for fans: “Get excited, that’s all I can say! I love the rock games. In addition, he posted a photo with CEO from Take-Two Interactive. InteractiveAnd Strauss Zelnickwho appears to show him some gameplay footage. GTA6 It will be a moment to remember forever.”declared hip hop.

GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto VI) release in 2024?

although rock games He hasn’t revealed many details about the game yet. Microsoft It has already been hinted that it could be released during 2024.

This prediction corroborates the information previously disclosed Tom Hendersonl indoor games. According to him, the game’s production has been “turbulent” since before the leak revealed unprecedented gameplay. GTA6 in September 2022.

On the other hand, despite the rumors, the rock games She has not officially confirmed any information about GTA6. In short, it is possible that the company will release a teaser later this year to clarify the doubts of fans and that the game will arrive for Playstation 5And Xbox S/X that it Windows computer.

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