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GTA V gets more realistic thanks to artificial intelligence (video)

GTA V gets more realistic thanks to artificial intelligence (video)

GTA V arrived on the market in 2013 for PlayStation 3, and was later released for PS4. Although it is far from what would be considered a realistic experience, it is a game with good reliability in this sense.

But thanks to artificial intelligence, it gets better in the video you can see next. The project in question was prepared by Stephan R. Richter, Hassan Abu Al Haija, and Vladlin Colton, and led to the emergence of a paper entitledEnhancing photographic realismAt Cornell University in Ithaca, USA.

The Kotaku website mentions the project, and also shares the accompanying video. And in this you can see, in great detail, how realism can make the experience in GTA V extraordinary.

In practical terms, we are looking for another GTA V mod that uses artificial intelligence to make the game experience more realistic. Unfortunately for those who like to test these concepts, they are not yet available to the general public.

Not only do we see more natural and pleasant colors, but the reflections have improved a lot. Textures also give a more natural feel. Bespoke simply “flowery” for any fan.

Videos of real cities are used, and thanks to machine learning, the results are really amazing. Is this the future of video games?

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