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GTA VI: New map section appears in internet leak

GTA VI: New map section appears in internet leak

By this time, GTA fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new version of the game. For years, rumors about GTA 6 have been circulating all over the internet, but it wasn’t until the end of last year that the internet knew what was really in development, with a long leak of information from Rockstar.

And now more information about the game is emerging again, this time with details of what the final map could be. user redditas “pstuddy,” revealed an image of what will be part of the supposed map for GTA 6.

The image shows a part of the map, which appears to be an industrial area, and where some factories, a truck, and a test character appear, which looks like it’s in a 3D development environment.

The alleged image of the GTA 6 map

A second image has also been revealed that more prominently shows a map of the area, which once again confirms that it is an industrial area, as it currently exists in GTA 5.

Unfortunately, there are no more details about this area. But it’s important to remember that GTA VI is still in development, so a lot could change before the final version of the title arrives. At the same time, there is no way to be sure that these screenshots relate to the final content that will be found in the game.

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