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Guaranteed BOLA - Tondela League (Liga)

Guaranteed BOLA – Tondela League (Liga)

Tondela’s 1-1 draw in Paços de Ferreira, at the end of Round 32, last Monday, has always hoped the sporty Famalicão in the league, for the fourth time in a row since climbing to the top level in the 2018/2019 season.

At the end of the 32nd round, Minho’s team has 33 points, seven points more than the penultimate, Moreirense (26) and eight points more than. red lantern Belenenses SAD (25), so these two direct opponents are already far from being able to make it to the team led by Rui Pedro Silva.

However, if, at the end of the tournament, the same number of points is checked between Famalicão (33 points), Vizela, Arouca and Tondela, Famalicão has an advantage over Tondela in this type of mini-tournament (six points), the first tie-breaker rating in those conditions.

The set of results for this criterion to be applied at the end of the tournament, with all four teams involved with currently 33 points ending Famalicão, should be as follows: One match and defeat in another, Aruca (30 points) had to win one challenge and lose another, and finally, Tondela (27 points) had to win both games. Play.

Mini-tournament ranking

1) Vizela 14 points – tied with Famalicao (0-0 at home, 1-1 away); victories over Arauca (4-1 away and 2-1 at home); beats Tondela (2-1, home and 3-2, away)

II) Arauca 8 points – beat Famalicao at home 2-1 and drew 0-0 away. He won, at home, over Tondela (2-0) and drew away from home (2-2), after recording defeats with Vizella (4-1) at home and away (2-1).

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iii) Famalecao 6 points – He lost with Arauca away from home with a score of 2-1 and drew at home without goals, scored two draws with Vezela (0-0, away and 1-1 at home) and lost in Tondela 3-2, after he won in front of you. Audience 2-1

iv) Tondela 4 points – beat Famalicao 3-2 at home and lost 2-1 away. lost away to Arauca (2-0) and drew at home (2-2); He lost matches with Vizella (2-1, away and at home, 3-2).

Thus, in the order shown above, this will be the final ranking in the league (if the four teams finish with 33 points):

Thirteenth – Vezela

Fourteenth – Aruca

XV – Famalicao

Sixteenth – Tondela (hem)