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Guess what gift most Portuguese would like to give this Christmas?  – HR

Guess what gift most Portuguese would like to give this Christmas? – HR

At Christmas, almost half of Portuguese people (49%) do not plan to buy gifts in advance and the majority (63%) end up giving similar or the same gifts from year to year. These conclusions come from a study promoted by Sonae Sierra, which operates shopping centers such as NorteShopping, Centro Colombo, Centro Vasco da Gama and ArrábidaShopping.

When asked about the time it takes to prepare a Christmas gift list, 60% of Portuguese and Christmas Gifts respondents reported that they devoted less than one day to this task. Of these, 39% do so in December and 24% when they see their first accolades.

Regarding the type of gifts, the analysis shows that there is a big difference between what the Portuguese intend to give to girls compared to boys, and what the Portuguese intend to give to women compared to men.

While books, makeup, dolls, and princess items are mostly offered to girls, more construction toys, sports items, or superhero items are offered to boys. When looking at adults, there is a greater tendency to offer clothes and accessories (76%) and chocolate (74%) to women, and bottles of alcohol (76%) to men, although there is also a tendency for clothing (63). %).

Although consumers think they choose different gifts every year, when they think about it, they realize they are buying the same or similar products for the same people.

The October study identified 17 targets for gift-giving, which include different degrees of kinship (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister), relationship (husband/partner, wife/partner, friends, superiors) and age groups. (Boys and girls up to 5 years old, 6 to 10 years old, and 11 to 14 years old).

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The results allow us to conclude that clothing is the most intended gift to give this Christmas, considering that it was identified in 10 of the 17 goals assessed.

With the exception of spouse and spouse, where there is a greater demand for innovation (54% and 56%, respectively), more than half of the gifts given will be the same or similar to those given in previous years.

Mom and Dad are the people respondents most intend to give a Christmas gift to – 78% and 67% respectively – and although clothing and perfume stand out for both, there is a third element that weighs heavily in each: the self. Care creams for the mother and wine for the father.

In the case of husband/partner and wife/partner, the top 3 gifts are exactly the same, namely clothes, perfumes and travel/accommodation. When looking at data relating to grandmothers and grandfathers, in addition to clothing, items such as slippers, blankets, pajamas and chocolates are some of the most frequently considered products.

For boys up to 10 years old, the most likely gifts are construction toys, clothes and items featuring superheroes, while in the 11-14 age group, besides clothes (35%), the top three gifts include consoles (33%). ) and sporting goods (25%).

As for girls up to 5 years old, dolls and clothes are the main gifts. Between the ages of 6 and 14, the only remaining items were clothing (42%), make-up/varnish (25%) and perfume (23%).

Regarding friends, there is also a big difference, with wine (42%), bottles of other alcoholic beverages (19%) and accessories (14%) standing out, while for girlfriends chocolate (25%) and accessories (19%) stand out. ) and books (19%) come first.

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