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Guess who this famous person is? He is a former contestant on Big Brother and is very successful…

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This fourth Wednesday is a celebration of Marco CostaWho celebrates her sister Soraya’s birthday. And on Instagram, the finalist for “Celebrity Big Brother 2“Highlight the unique history.

“Today, one of the women in my life celebrates her birthday! I want everyone to send congratulations to my sister Soraya,” Marco Costa began writing, in the caption of his childhood “treasure,” in which he stood with his family. member.

Then the pastry chef recalled the adventures and misadventures he had with a loved one: “Talking about yourself is not easy, sister. How much we have been through together. Do you remember when we were young and went to pick flowers” ​​to sell to neighbors for money? My mom was killing us! I remember when we were in the Boy Scouts and went to Expo 98 and I just started selling lottery tickets to the Portuguese, after finding money for lunch at McDonald’s with the “Cammons”? “There are so many stories I could tell here and life would never be enough!”

“But what I want to sum up is that our lives have always been and always will be side by side! With a lot, with a little or with nothing, we will always be together, and that’s what family does! I’m the youngest, but I’ll always be your protector!” he added. I hope I will never lack health and I promise you will never lack anything!”

He added, “I love you, sister. Congratulations on your 36th birthday. Now let me wipe my tears and get to work… So, let’s celebrate together.”

Now see the photo shared by Marco Costa in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.

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