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Guimarães: Investors bet on Pepa and Benno closed the door

Guimarães: Investors bet on Pepa and Benno closed the door

Pepa will be the coach of Vitoria de Guimaraes and the agreement with the coach has dictated the departure of Pino, two days before the end of the tournament. Moreno took over Leading the team until the end of the tournament and with the extraordinary general meeting scheduled for the 29th, the analysis of the season with four coaches, in addition to Vitoria’s financial situation, will certainly be called up. This was crucial to the process of entering Pepa and leaving Benno.

a More I reported on May 5 that Peppa had an agreement to coach Vitoria de Guimarães from 2021/22 and this change is practically confirmed by the official announcement of the departure of Pepa de Paços de Ferreira, in a joint statement with the Head of the Beavers, on May 9.

On the eleventh, Pino previewed the match with Famalecoa and did not hide his dissatisfaction with the news that Pepa will be Vitoria’s coach from 2021/22. The Guimaraes coach at the time referred to a promise from the club president, which he did not publicly deny, that he would be the coach if the goals were achieved and if he so desired.

“I had a year and a half contract with Vitoria, but when I took charge of the first team, I stopped hiring for one year and stayed until the end of the season until there was no doubt. That the goals that were proposed, are being achieved, we can have continuity.” Here or not. I and the president know what was said. ”- Pino, before Famalecao.

The head coach, Miguel Pinto, questioned Lisbon about Pepa’s arrival after the conference to review the duel with Famalicensis, and he returned to do so already at the team stage in a hotel, in the presence of other members of the team. staff. Benno obtained the assurance that Peppa was to occupy the position and saw the way in which the process was being run was a total violation of the agreement, while speaking to Pinto Lisboa «The president and I know what was said. ”, He said – Since moving from team B to the starting lineup.

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There, that night, he stated that he wanted to end the contract, regardless of whether he could still achieve the goals.

Hesitant, because he thought there were no conditions for that after what he heard from the Guimarães manager, the coach was still sitting on the Vitória bench because he realized he had a commitment to the players and the organization.

However, the decision was made to leave, whatever the outcome.

After the match, Vitoria wanted it to be the only statement from officials in the press room, by President Miguel Pinto Lisboa, And just to talk about arbitration.

With the process over with Benno’s actual departure, there was no reason to end the tournament on the verge of two rounds at the end of the tournament.

According to what was discovered, Miguel Pinto Lisboa agreed to hire Peppa, and therefore, he was forced to disqualify Pino for the following season, even if he reached the European qualification that he proposed: That is why he finished a contract until 2022 and signed another until the end of the season, where he knew continuity depends On the results, and failing to achieve the European goal, Vitoria owed him nothing.

The entry of a former Paços technician, which was in the pipeline, was a condition of a group of entrepreneurs willing to invest in Vitória who, in March, obtained A loan of 20 million euros on television revenuesAbove, the head of which had assumed a revenue shortfall 50 percent Already in the epidemic period.

Among the various changes in Minho FC, Vitoria is also preparing to make it official Jaime Teixeira arrives As the new General Manager, after the departure of Carlos Freitas in March.

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