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Gunhild Stordalen: - Pee in front of the boss

Gunhild Stordalen: – Pee in front of the boss

EAT founder Gunhild Stordalen (43 years old) is currently in Stockholm in connection with the annual EAT conference. There with the organization’s general manager, Arne Haugen.

On the Instagram story post, she shared several glimpses of her stay, including a clip where she wrote the following:

“Another reason why the subway is the preferred alternative (besides environmental considerations, .anm magazine), especially during a big UN conference (but we didn’t have a choice this time). Thank God for the best president, Arne Haugen”, plus a number of emojis.

Train travel: Gunhild Stordalen chose an alternative mode of transport for the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, which she ended up regretting. Photo: Daniel Kragst/North Stories
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In the video, which was set at high speed, you can watch Stordalen getting out of a black car that sped off the side of the road. Together with Haugen, she bypasses the balustrade and reaches the trench.

As she laughs and holds her hand to her face, she takes off her pants and sits down and seems to do whatever she wants – while Haugen hides them with his suit jacket.

So it may seem as if Stordalen has drunk too much fluid and can’t hold out until they come to the toilet. There are many indications that they are stuck in a traffic jam, as she affixed a “traffic jam” sign to the video. However, it seems that she and Haugen are in a very good mood.

When Dagbladet ran the thread to Arne Haugen, he said the following about the incident:

– This is not a significant event, but just a completely calm traffic for a long time, and nature demanded it. Perhaps this was just an example that we focus on solutions, too when it comes to a situation like this, he says.

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Dagbladet has not yet succeeded in communicating with Gunhild Stordalen.

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