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Gunther, the millionaire dog who sells Madonna's mansion - current events

Gunther, the millionaire dog who sells Madonna’s mansion – current events

Among his vast fortune, Gunther VI, which he inherited from his grandfather Gunther IV, owns an eight-bedroom seaside house that once belonged to the American artist.

The mansion was put up for sale on Wednesday for $31 million [cerca de 27 milhões de euros] This is a massive valuation compared to what it cost to buy the pop star at $7.5 million [6,6 milhões de euros], over two decades, the Associated Press reports.

The German Shepherd attended the meeting with real estate investors to sell the house in Miami with a fake diamond collar, as the original, in gold, is in his main home in Tuscany, Italy.

The room overlooking Biscayne Bay contains, among other details, a gilded, gold-framed portrait of Gunther IV above the fireplace in the living room.

The dog’s breed goes back decades, when Gunther III inherited a multi-million dollar trust from the late German Countess Carlotta Liebenstein when she died in 1992.

Since then, a group of handlers have helped maintain the kennel’s “jet” lifestyle, which includes trips to places like Milan or the Bahamas, where Gunther recently dined at restaurants every night.

His guards like to make sure he is well socialized.

Every morning the kitchen “chef” prepares your meal containing the best meat, fresh vegetables and rice.

Sometimes Günther likes to eat caviar, but he is not offered a kibble dish.

He travels on a private plane and receives daily obedience training.

Real estate agent Ruthie Assoulin, in Miami, said the German Shepherd sleeps in “Madonna’s former master bedroom.”

He noted that he “literally falls asleep looking out at the most amazing view, on a custom Italian bed in the former bedroom of the world’s biggest pop star.”

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Carla Rickettelli, one of Gunther’s primary caretakers, is also a member of the board of directors that manages the fund, which is currently worth $500 million. [441 milhões de euros] Which is engaged in the purchase and sale of real estate.

With the Miami real estate market booming, the fund decided it was the right time to sell the mansion.

This fund has even taken over sports teams, such as a football club and a swimming team, and Günther has already “played” on the field and attended tournaments, he said,

52-year-old Carla Richitelli has known the team that took care of Gunther for nearly 30 years and immediately established a connection to the project, joining the group and actually taking care of the last three Gunthers.

He is also responsible for creating Gunther Rescue, an association that cares about other animals.

About the current Gunther, the wizard noted that he is not aggressive and that he gets along well with other animals.

He revealed during a phone interview, “They are very protective of their owner. They love having their family around so I usually invite friends with other dogs.”

Despite the luxurious life, Gunther also has the dramas and challenges like all millionaires, and in Italy, lives with two other dogs of Carla Riccitelli, his favorite companions.

But the caregiver still has six cats and two chickens, making this interaction a “work in progress.”

“He is still learning to live with the six cats,” he admitted.