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Gustavo Santos on divorce: "There are no lawyers, the basis is talking" - News

Gustavo Santos on divorce: “There are no lawyers, the basis is talking” – News

This Wednesday, September 1, Gustavo Santos was on Casa Feliz talking to Joao Baiao, where he ended up talking about his divorce from Sofia Lima, with whom he shares two children: Salvador, age four, and Xavier, of one .

It was dissolved and already with a new love – the old friend Fernanda Zimmermann, the writer remembered the difficult stage after the breakup and how he is currently prioritizing his children.

I don’t give up being with my kids every weekend, not every 15 days. I run the 800 km because I live in the Alentejo and they are in Sintra with their mother, with whom I have an unusual relationship, and that is how it should be. There are no lawyers, there is nothing, everything depends on the conversation and the love we have for our children“, Certain.

“The beginning was death. This project as it died and I had to live this death. I lived in the countryside, in nature, without distraction, without people, without anything. It was me and the pain. That’s why I feel I did it. I overcame it and cured it very quickly. If The treatment was not done, I was unable to surrender myself to a person in the state I was in, it was impossible. ”

On the show, he ended up being surprised by his girlfriend. Watch the moment.

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