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Gusttavo Lima canceled concerts after the death of Marília Mendonça

Gusttavo Lima canceled concerts after the death of Marília Mendonça

NSIn shock, Gusttavo Lima ended up canceling concerts that were scheduled for the night of Friday November 5 and Saturday 6.

A statement has been posted on your Instagram page. “[…] Due to the death of singer Marilia Mendonca, the performances that the artist will perform on Friday (November 5) in Santarem and tomorrow (Saturday, 11/6) in Itituba (Pennsylvania) are not special. New dates will be announced soon.”

“Our deepest feelings for all family, friends, team and fans of our eternal queen, Marilia Mendonca,” can be read in the same note.

Later, the Brazilian singer turned to stories to remember his last meeting with his colleague and friend. “I’m in shock, my record hasn’t gone down yet, I can’t understand, it never occurred to me that we lost you… I’d rather remember you like this, happy, radiant This picture was last week when we woke up drinking and laughing together.”

Posted by Gustavo Lima© Instagram

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