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HAAK will be getting limited physical media for Switch – Pizza Fria

HAAK will be getting limited physical media for Switch – Pizza Fria

On Friday the ninth of this month, Super Rare Games and Blingame announced the launch of a physical version of the action-adventure game. take For Nintendo Switch on February 15 at 3pm Brasilia time, exclusively through the store Very rare games. The limited edition will contain only 3,000 physical copies globally.

take It puts players in the shoes of Haak, a mysterious wanderer who roams a devastated land in search of his missing brother. Armed with a multi-functional power hook and unique hacking abilities, the game faces enemies and obstacles in an environment where every choice can be decisive. The game combines platforming action and dynamics with Metroidvania elements, allowing players to explore freely, using hooks, pushes and charged pieces to advance across the terrain and uncover secrets hidden behind metal and dust.

In addition to providing a rich and challenging game, take It promises exciting boss encounters and creative difficulty changes, ensuring that even less experienced players can enjoy the adventure and shape the destinies of the game's characters through many possible conclusions.

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