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Cabelo caindo? Saiba fatores que influenciam

Hair loss? Learn 5 factors that affect hair loss

You definitely had to actually deal with this annoying situation realizing that you had it Poetry It falls more than usual, right? But were you after the reason?

It is a fact that hair health starts from the inside out. Therefore, when there is an alteration in the filaments, the explanation may be in the organism itself. This is the case of hair loss.

It’s normal and natural to shed about 100 hairs a day. However, it is important to pay attention when the fall becomes excessiveTricollage Scientist explains Vivienne Coutinho. “If you notice when combing your hair that the strands have fallen off a lot, if the strands are thinner and even if there are imperfections on the scalp, this is a warning sign“, He says.

In this sense, the specialist has separated five factors that may be behind your hair loss. see below:

Lack of hygiene

“It’s useless to make a nice, great brush and go for a week without washing your hair,” Vivienne warns first. “It is essential to maintain a hygiene routine, especially when we are talking about the scalp, which accumulates dust, product residues and many other particles,” he points out afterwards.

After all, frequent cleaning also has something to do with controlling the oil in the area. Excessive oil can lead to fungi multiplying and generate the inflammation associated with itching, flaking, and hair loss. “Our head should always be clean, just as we sterilize our body skin while in the shower“, Says.

Free use of steroids and hormones

Second, we have the use of anabolic steroids. Often times, people just aim to gain muscle, without taking into account the potential health damage these products can do. After all, one of these problems is acute hair loss.

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During physical exercise, the body naturally produces testosterone, which aids in muscle gain. Some people, to speed up this process, look for a shortcut to using steroids and so-called “gym pumps”, which increase the amount of the hormone in the body. But many are not aware that high levels of testosterone is one of the main causes of hair loss“, He says.

Restrictive diets without feeding guidelines

Additionally, the trichologist points out that many of the restrictive diets currently in place can cause nutritional deficiencies that lead to hair loss and other health damage.

When you do not have guidance from a dietitian to change your diet, your diet is likely to cut short the proteins and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the body. With this nutritional deficiency, the hair becomes more fragile and prone to falling out“, Describe.

When this deficiency turns into anemia, for example, it means that your body lacks iron. It is a mineral that works in transporting oxygen, which is a limiting factor for hair growthHe reveals, in closing.

Stress routine

Moreover, periods of stress can also lead to more hair loss than usual. “When we experience emotional overload, the level of cortisol, known as the “stress hormone”, rises. Hence, we release many inflammatory cells that impair capillary health. In this process, the lesser quality nutrients reach the hair follicles, causing hair lossThe world of poetry adds.

Inevitably, the tension has exacerbated this problem due to the coronavirus pandemic. “The climate contributes to an increase in stress and thus more cases of hair loss. There is even research showing that Covid-19 itself can also cause hair loss, in the form of telogen effluvium or alopecia areata.“, It stands out.

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Poor sleep quality

Finally, nights followed by lack of sleep can interrupt the cycle of hair growth, which in turn leads to hair loss.

The poor quality of sleep makes it very difficult for our bodies to relax and rest, so that we can face the next day in a lighter and smarter way. Therefore, when you sleep poorly, the work of the body is compromised“The professional says.”Healthy hair growth requires the sleep needed to regenerate and regenerate follicular cellsComments in closing.

So, have you discovered the cause of your hair loss?