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Hairstylist Christina Ferreira Shakes Helena Isabel -

Hairstylist Christina Ferreira Shakes Helena Isabel –

Cristina Ferreira’s hairstylist has a crush on Helena Isabel via social media.

Helena Isabel via Instagram received an unfriendly message from the alleged hairdresser of Cristina Ferreira.

However, the former competitor of House of Secrets 6 did not stay and answered.

It’s sad that there is a public figure who is supposed to grab her profile, put it in a private place, and even ban those who follow her… when there are supposed to be people who like and follow her for some reason or affinity… I’m Christina Ferreira’s hairstylist not really I wonder That you were in a TVI race and she doesn’t even want you there…Hairdresser books.

“Continue with your studies, you will probably graduate at 50. I don’t know if you will be taken seriously with that stereotype and this kind of attitude. I was going to text you yesterday in person at IKEA but you were so busy listening to the phonetics that I decided not to say any something, to have a good time”

Someone explain to this gentleman that I will continue to study my whole life! Also let this guy know that I’ve been licensed since 2013… This guy calls himself a Cristina Ferreira Private Hairstylist. Christina Ferreira loves a good hole in her hair and everything‘ replied Helena Isabel, sharing a photo of a haircut supposedly done by the author of the letter.

I don’t like to be approached! I don’t like being out somewhere and somehow observing or asking very intimate questions as if they’ve known me for years! I don’t like it…and when you called me by DIVAS I feel even more embarrassedHelena Isabel explained.

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“I’m happy! I’m done! I’m calm!”, she stressed, about the professional situation.