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Achraf Hakimi, déjà décisif

Hakimi’s promises of Paris security in question

Hakimi’s promising first match, Mbappé’s best moods, sometimes worrying Paris defense … Tops and flops after the meeting between Troyes and PSG this Saturday (1-2).


Hakimi, already decisive
A summer rookie is expected this summer, with Agraf Hakimi already looking relaxed on his right track. Always available, Morocco showed good mood on the lawn of Abe Stadium. Too much punch, he allowed PSG to equalize after losing the game on a good call, and then the Trojan goalkeeper had no chance. In his game, he was a good surprise this time for the capital club.

Herrera is involved in both goals
The Spanish midfielder was able to make a difference with the two kicks his team released. In the difficulty of facing the dense block of Estok, Paris needed variety in its game to find gaps. Ander Herrera was able to lift his team by first throwing Hakimi at 1There is Target, then Mbappé 2’s actione The goal was completed by Icardi.

Mbappé, already tuned
Admittedly, the Frenchman had no product on his feet for several days but what he showed was already remarkable. Sharp on the left, the Paris striker still made a lot of difference and provided an assist to Icardi. Always dangerous when he has the ball, he will now gain momentum in August.

Nawaz, will always be
Donnaramma’s rivalry may have upset him but Keeler Nawaz Troy doesn’t seem to be on the field. Looking at the air, the Costa Rican goalkeeper responded again in several decisive marches, both against Report in the first period (28).e, 35e), To the last minute on a long shot by Dortou (90)e+1).

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Well-shaken Paris defense
If Paris seem to be consistent in its collective expression, it can’t say much about its defense, which was particularly shaky at the start of the game. Diallo did not miss the silence on the left, or the Kimbe-Kehrer key, on the Trojan target. On the opposite side of the estuary, we also noticed that it was difficult not to retrieve some components. Defects that need to be fixed this season.

Troyes, a promotion that is not ineligible
Last season, Troyes was able to establish the most beautiful game in League 2, which led him to elevate himself to the elite. Laurent Bottles, coach, seems eager to continue this momentum in League 1. Facing PSG, his players did not seem to be impressed and provided some good shots, posing as threatening themselves to the end. To be continued.

Draxler, still disappointing
Matches follow each other and are similar to Julian Draxler. However, holder and admirer of Mauricio Pochettino, the Germans often hide in the midfield, and this match in the Troyes is no exception. He, who was established as the head of the press, did not weigh in on the crowd. For his part, the other rookie Giorgino Vijaltam seemed to be less competitive but had to increase the pace in weeks.