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Hama WiFi Outdoor Camera with Solar Panel Review – Keep Your Home Safe

Hama WiFi Outdoor Camera with Solar Panel Review – Keep Your Home Safe

These days, the security of our homes should not be neglected and there are several ways to ensure this.

For those who want to keep their homes under surveillance at all times, there are many solutions on the market to record both inside and outside the home.

a Mother-in-law Available in its product catalog is the Hama WiFi Outdoor Camera with Solar Panel, a WiFi camera that we have had the opportunity to test in recent weeks.

Discover our analysis and opinion on this outdoor camera.

Hama WiFi Outdoor Camera with Solar Panel Review – Monitor the outside of your home without worrying about charging the batteries

If you are thinking about installing a security camera in your home, Hama has an interesting solution in its product catalogue.

We are talking about the Hama WiFi Outdoor Camera with Solar Panel, a battery-powered wireless camera that can be completed with a solar panel to ensure year-round operation.

With FullHD recording with night vision, it allows you to take photos day and night with a coverage angle of 131 degrees.

To ensure outdoor use, it is IP65 certified, has a speaker and microphone for two-way audio and allows video clips to be stored in the cloud, through a paid subscription, and via a microSD card.

This camera connects directly to your WiFi router, without the need for any hub, and is controlled via the Hama Smart Home app that integrates with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri.

Power is provided by the internal battery and is complemented by a solar panel to ensure regular charging.

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The Hama WiFi outdoor camera with solar panel can be purchased for €149.99.

in the box

  • Outdoor security camera wifi
  • Rubber protection
  • Solar panel
  • Wall support
  • Brochures

Design and material quality

The Hama WiFi Outdoor Tablet Camera has a compact size of 10cm high, 5.7cm wide and 6cm deep.

It is made entirely of plastic, in black, and has good build quality that provides durability.

On the front we find the camera, infrared sensor, motion sensor, microphone and status light.

At the base, the camera integrates the speaker and MicroUSB connector, while on the back we find a magnetic mount for wall mounting and a screw mount.

At the top we find a button to lock/unlock the internal compartment of the camera where we can find the batteries, the on/off button and the reset button.

Behind the batteries we also find a place to place a microSD card.

It comes with a solar panel, also black and made of plastic, size xxxx cm. This painting has a very clear frame, although it helps protect the crystal of the painting.

Installation and configuration

Installing the Hama WiFi Outdoor Camera with Solar Panel is very simple and it only takes a few minutes for everything to work.

To get started, you should make sure that the batteries are inserted inside the camera and press the power button. If your camera has a battery, you can now connect it to the Hama Smart Home app to integrate everything software-wise.

To connect the Hama WiFi Outdoor Camera, you can either use a screw-on mount (e.g. tripod, folding mount, etc.) or use the wall mount included in the box.

This bracket attaches to the camera using magnets, making it easy to adjust the angle at which it is pointed.

The back of the wall mount has screw holes, so you can install it. But first, you should do a test run with the wall-mounted camera, held in your hand, to understand where you should install it to capture the area you want to monitor.

After selecting and installing the bracket, you can put on the rubber cover that comes in the box to ensure greater insulation of the camera in times of rain.

Finally, you can connect the solar panel via microUSB to the camera and mount it, also using the wall mount included in the box, in a place close to the camera that sunlight reaches.

Hama Smart Home application

Smart Home protectors are available for Android that it internal control Department It is very easy to use.

When we open the application, after configuring the camera, a list of devices appears immediately with which we can open the camera we want to see.

After establishing the connection, we can see the image in real time, as well as quick data such as battery, image quality, whether sound is on or not, and transmission speed.

Below we find some commands such as switching to landscape view, taking a photo, using the microphone, taking video, and accessing all other tools.

Here we can find the gallery, read media from the memory card, choose the theme, and the flash and motion sensor sensitivity options.

Below there is also a cloud option, to access content stored in the cloud and a message area to view movement logs.

By clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner, we also access the settings, where we find options such as integration with virtual assistants, scene definition and automation, battery status, activation of notifications when offline, and general information about the equipment and its updates.

SD card storage or cloud subscription

When you access the Hama Smart Home app, you will only have access to real-time images or, if motion is detected, to a photo taken of the intruder.

If you want to save video history when motion is detected, you must choose one of the two solutions. Either put a microSD card in the camera (behind the batteries) or subscribe to Hama’s cloud service.

The subscription contains the following options

  • Basic Monthly Plan – €4.49 per month for one camera and recordings from the last 14 days
  • Basic plan 3 cameras per month – €8.99 per month for 3 cameras and recordings from the last 14 days
  • Basic Annual Plan – €44.99 per year for one camera and recordings from the last 14 days
  • Basic Plan 3 Cameras Annually – €89.99 per year for 3 cameras and recordings from the last 14 days
  • Monthly Premium Plan – €6.49 per month for one camera and 30 days of recordings
  • Annual Premium Plan – €64.99 per year for one camera and 30 days of recordings

Hama Performance WiFi Outdoor Camera

The Hama WiFi outdoor camera features FullHD image quality and night vision for low or no light environments.

During the day, the capture is of good general quality, making it possible to conduct a good reconnaissance of the entire area. The image is a little blurry, but with good definition.

It detects motion at a distance of approximately 10 to 20 meters and works well.

As for night photography, infrared rays are used to make the area visible, both to the surrounding space and to people.

Since this camera does not have a flashlight, faces will always be affected by the presence of other lights around them, which may turn white.

Night detection also works well at a distance of 5 to 10 metres.

One of the points where we think this camera fails more than others is in Wi-Fi reception, as it is not very far from the router, some security flaws have appeared several times, noting that the range of the camera’s Wi-Fi modem does not seem to be great very.

Autonomy and charging using solar panels

The Hama WiF outdoor camera has a very good autonomy that can easily reach more than 1 month with frequent motion detection.

However, if you add the solar panel included in the kit, this camera will almost certainly work every day of the year.

Even on gray days, the panel always picks up some power, even if it’s turned down, enough to slowly replenish the battery, without running out.

In summary…

The Hama WiFi outdoor camera with solar panel is an interesting solution for those who want to monitor their home without installing electrical equipment.

Simply connect the camera and solar panel, and the entire process will be performed wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

It has good build quality and a well-designed kit with a magnetic wall mount that makes it easy to adjust the camera, rubber cover and solar panel.

Although the image quality is not the best on the market, showing slightly dull and faded colors, it ensures good overall quality, day and night, enough to visualize what is happening in outer space.

The motion sensor also works well, with a range of 10 to 20 metres.

In terms of autonomy, the solar panel support ensures almost continuous operation without the need to charge the camera.

As for the price, the Hama WiFi Outdoor Camera with Solar Panel has a recommended price of €149.99.

Techbit thanks Hama for providing the Hama WiFi outdoor camera for analysis.