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Handball: Benfica and Sporting coaches face each other after the derby

If inside the stadium the handball derby between Benfica and Sporting takes place in a friendly manner between the players, outside the stadium the atmosphere is warm – in the stands, with encouraging aggression of the Sporting captain – also with the coaches. as champions.

Moments after the final whistle of the match that led to the Lions qualifying for the Portuguese Cup semi-finals, there was confusion among the technicians, which he justified after meeting the Benfica coach.

“The Sporting coach asked for a break when there was one minute left, and they won by four. When the Sporting players themselves said that it was disrespectful, there is not much to say, ”he began by telling Spaniard Chima Rodriguez.

The Spanish coach also confirmed that some of the Lions’ players apologized for what happened.

“They came to apologize for disrespecting their coach,” he stressed.

Ricardo Costa also spoke on this subject, stressing that he had no intention of disrespecting his opponent.

“This is not my way of playing sports, I did not and will not provoke anyone. It is a pity that they understood it this way, it was a great match, between two great teams, great players, who do not deserve to end this misunderstanding, ”he said.

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